Here, I would like to translate the Al Gore interview from Liberal speak to what it means in my head:
time – 00:15 – “To empower and educate women”
Gino’s head Translation – To make sure the “Pro Choice” view of abortion is widely distributed. Also to make sure all forms of birth control are readily available.

time – 00:20 – “You have to have unbiquitous availability of fertility management”
Gino’s head translation – Have Planned Parenthood facilities all over the place to keep births down and readily available supplies of birth control.

time – 00:30 – “You have to lift child survival rates so that parents are comfortable having smaller families”
Gino’s head translation – He thinks that families are worried about the number of children that will survive instead of each child being a gift from God.

time – 00:40 – “You have to educate girls and empower women”
Gino’s head translation – Teach girls from before puberty to use birth control and indoctrinate them that babies are just lumps of tissue in case they get pregnant, they won’t feel guilty about having an abortion. “Empower Women” means to make sure that abortions stay legal and available.

Wow, less than a minute and there are 4 “politically correct” sentences carefully worded to not invoke thoughts that are really closer to the truth.

Notice how the term “Global Warming” has now been changed to “Climate Change”. This is because there are scientists that have disputed the that the earth is warming and is really cooling. I believe the thought is that, you can’t argue that the climate is changing, they can’t figure out if it is cooling or heating, but either way we have to do something about emissions. That way the environmentalist still have some power to control our individual choices.

I saw a Bill Mauher segment (advance to 05:35) where he had to catch or correct himself from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” and he even said that calling it Global Warming is bad.

What is next? Maybe taking the Chinese governments policy for a 1 child limit?

For years, China curbed its once-explosive population growth with a widely hated one-child limit that at its peak led to forced abortions, sterilizations and even infanticide. Now the long-sacrosanct policy may be on its way out, as some demographers warn that China is facing the opposite problem: not enough babies.